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Tour 2007

About Cinco Cidades

Two members of the Folk Songs Project team record a live performance in Guarda
Recording saxophone inside a wine vat just outside Torres Vedras

Cinco Cidades is a cross-disciplinary project documenting the cultures and sounds of five cities across Portugal.

The project culminates in a live tour across Portugal in May 2007 with musicians William Parker, Victor Gama and Guillermo Brown (“The Folk Songs Trio”). In each city, The Folk Songs Project will create an ambient backdrop of sounds from that city, against which the musicians will create an improvised performance.

The work began with field trips to five cities in March 2007, working with local communities to record local musicians, residents and ambient sounds that represent their city.

The results of this work have been used to create interactive soundmaps for each city – where visitors can remix sounds and voices to create their own compositions. The website will also be used as the foundation for the live performances.

The website is an ongoing repository of sounds and musics – we welcome any new submissions to be featured in the site.

Cinco Cidades was conceived and executed by The Folk Songs Project, in partnership with Pangeiart.

About The Folk Songs Project

The Folk Songs Project (Alastair Dant, Tom Davis and David Gunn) is a cross-disciplinary, trans-national creative project. Working with communities across the world, we use sound and technology to create open and accessible interactive works.